divine / decade

new videos

Watch a brand new track 'dexter'.
Visual image by Daisuke Fujita and keikotanizaki.


We recorded a new EP 'deperzerooook'.
You can listen and download it for free.

Compiled Nothingness

the latest album "Compiled Nothingness" in stores.

This album is the most lyrical work of their works at the present time. Includes various sounds, such as electronic noises, collages, lines of Broadway musical, glitch-noise, field-recordings in Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague, besides improvisation by drums and guitar.


2017.3.11 BE-WAVE Shinjuku

What is divideperzero

Ken Takahashi(turntable/electronics/toys/collages/edits)
NEEVO(modular synthesizer/typewriter/electronics/field recordings/edits)

“divideperzero” are not really a common band. They are expressing ideas; all of humans senses by their sounds.


The first full-length album.
This album was limited to only 100 copies, put in the freezer plastic bag. Now cannot be available.